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The proposal in Windmill Outdoor Development is to seek that our clients have entire trust to put their projects in our hands, and they get the certainty about a service with quality but most important, exceeding their expectations.

Our goal is to satisfy all the needs of our clients, increasing the sense of belonging about their properties and allowing them to enjoy an affordable, professional, and reliable service, this commits us to carry out our job with excellence


Windmill Outdoor Development is a company dedicated to hardscaping services in the Valley of the Sun. For us is not only to give the best service, it is to make it with passion and apply processes that generate trust, as a company, we are also focused on the expansion of our services range and leaving an important mark in our community. 

Each process must be clear, specific, and measurable, so that, the service must be performed with quality, and with tangible results, in this way our clients could perceive that the scope of the service, is correct and according to our proposal.


The foundations of Windmill Outdoor Development are:

Customer commitment: We built relationships with our clients

Integrity: All our actions will make with a high standard of integrity.

Accountability: Respect in all of our commitments.

Respect for the people: For us is most important the client than the business.

Trust: Our clients can count on the fact that they are dealing with a company with the required knowledge and legal requirements.

Constant improvement: All the time improving the processes and innovating.

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